Inner Goddess – Aphrodite

Inner Goddess – Aphrodite



Aphrodite is for love and beauty and perhaps a little mischief.

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, Beauty & Eternal Youth. She is the daughter of Zeus and Dione, or Uranus and Dione. Some traditions claim that she sprung from the foam of the sea. Beautiful and enchanting, she was frequently depicted nude, as a symmetrically perfect maiden, infinitely desirable and as infinitely out of reach. Aphrodite wore a magical girdle (or cestus) which was woven with irresistible powers of love and desire. While all the other gods and goddesses had long lists of divine duties to perform, the goddess Aphrodite was assigned only one . . . to bring love into the world.

Aphrodite is made with clary sage and yarrow distillates, yarrow and clary sage infused oil, avocado oil and fragranced with essential oils of rosewood, clary sage, lemon myrtle and rose.

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The magickal properties of clary sage

Clary sage is a very masculine looking herb with a strong masculine fragrance, but its traditional use is to balance the female reproductive system. When distilled it has a very feminine perfume. Clary sage seems to balance both female and male energies. She will teach you self-love, and is associated with Venus, one of beauty, growth and vitality.

Clary Sage is associated with vision. It is used to clear not only the physical eye, but also the third eye. It lifts the spirit and helps detachment from emotionally difficult or painful situations. With emotional distance, a better perspective can be achieved. It can be an aid to induce euphoria, which is why it is also sometimes used as an aphrodisiac

The magickal properties of yarrow

Yarrow is associated with Aphrodite, Hermes, the Horned God and the hero Achilles. It is ruled by Venus any herb under the influence of Venus makes for a powerful love herb. Yarrow is like a good, long-time friend – the perfect complement. When needing something to protect against negativity, yarrow is there, providing a shield. When delving deep into the spiritual world, using our powers of divination and psychic vision, yarrow helps heighten our experience, and assists us in seeing more clearly.

Rosewood essential oil

Rosewood essential oil has gentle healing properties that are beneficial for the skin. It is suitable for all skin types. Rosewood is balancing, uplifting and fortifying. It can help lift the spirits and treat depression, lethargy, fatigue and other stress-related conditions, it has aphrodisiac properties. Associated with the heart chakra, rosewood is a compassionate and healing feminine energy; that doesn’t mean that it’s only for women! It just means it helps to accent the innate qualities of compassion and love within an individual

Clary sage essential oil

Clary Sage has a euphoric, antidepressant effect and a calming, sedating influence on the nerves and emotions.

Lemon Myrtle essential oil

Lemon myrtle has long been associated with Venus and love magick. Aphrodite is often shown wearing a myrtle-leaf wreath in her hair.

Rose essential oil

Rose oil is beneficial for all types of skin, but is especially useful for dry or sensitive skin. It helps to soften, soothe, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Rose’s magical associations is its connection to love and beauty. Roses are connected to the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, as well as Eros (Cupid) and Aphrodite’s most handsome lover, Adonis. It is said that Aphrodite emerged from the sea, white roses formed from the sea foam. When her love Adonis died, Aphrodite mixed her tears with his blood to create red roses.

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