Body Wash Or Bar Soaps?

Are you a body wash person or a soap person? Personally, I like body washes. Soap tends to leave my skin feeling dry unless its a good all natural soap. There are some body washes though that can leave your skin feeling less than moisturised. For me, a good body wash should not only clean your skin but leave it feeling soft, refreshed and smelling good. That is exactly what you get when you use one of Jules of the Earth’s Body Washes, and they come in several lovely fragrances, such as Citrus Delight, Black Fig & Sultana, Blue Amberwood, Bluebell, and English Rose. Black Fig & Sultana is my favourite because it has a nice earthy smell to it.

One of the main ingredients used in this body wash is Glycerin, which is a humectant. Humectants work by attracting moisture to the skin. Also used is Coco Glucoside, which is derived from raw, renewable materials like coconut oil, is completely bio-degradable and is what helps give this body wash its lovely foaming capabilities. The moisturising and skin conditioning agent, Sodium Coco sulphate, contains natural purified fatty alcohols that are derived from natural coconut oil. The fragrances are made with essential oils and not heavy perfumes like a lot of scented body washes. The result is a gentler body wash that moisturises while it cleanses.

So, body wash or bar soaps? Is there really a big difference? Let’s take a look.

Body wash is easier to use. Bar soaps can get slippery in the shower or bath and I can’t tell you ow many times I’ve dropped a bar of soap and nearly stepped on it in the process of trying to retrieve it! I’ve also noticed that soaps can fall apart on you. And don’t get me started on the amount of residue you have to scrape off a soap dish.

Body wash on the other hand is easy to use, apply and won’t leave a mess behind. I also find that they lather up better than a bar soap. Body wash is also very versatile. A natural body wash can also be used for your hair if it foams well, as is the case with the body wash I get from Jules of the Earth. While washing your tresses with body wash daily is not recommended, it can still come in handy when you don’t want to pack several bottles in a bag. I’ve also used my body wash as a bubble bath when I’ve run out because it foams so well. And, it can double up as a lovely scented hand wash too.

Another pro of using a body wash is that you can create your own exfoliating sugar or salt scrub to get rid of dead dry skin. Just add some to the liquid body wash and viola! Instant body scrub and cleanser all in one.

If you have a few people sharing a bathroom and hygiene products, body wash is a better alternative than a bar of soap that has been sitting around in a soap dish and used by everyone. It can be all too easy to transfer a skin rash or skin ailment through sharing a bar of soap.

I’ve found that using a good body wash is great for moisturising, especially those that use natural ingredients, as is the case with Jules of the Earth’s body wash products. It makes it gentler on the skin than some bar soaps and commercial body wash products. This means the skins natural oils aren’t stripped away to leave you with that “squeaky” but dry feeling. Most bar soaps tend to have a higher pH than body washes do, but there are some good glycerine based bar soaps that can be good for dry skin too, a product that Jules of the Earth also creates by the way. So, body washes tend to be less acidic for the skin.

When it comes to choosing between a body wash or bar soaps it really comes down to your skin type, needs and preferences. I love a good scented body wash but also like products that use natural ingredients. This is why I find the body wash created by Jules of the Earth the perfect blend for my skin. Its gentle on the skin but cleanses very well and leaves me with soft skin that has a lovely light scent, which lasts for hours.

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  1. Dianne cook says:

    I love bar soaps best but do like body wash too!

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