New Mechanics Soap And New Packaging!

14508513_1040371019410707_1345009064_nSoap is something we use on a daily basis for a variety of cleaning jobs. A lot of soaps on the market can leave hands feeling dry and sensitive though, sometimes stripping the natural oils of the skin, especially those made for cleaning those tough greasy dirty jobs. I’ve found glycerine soaps to be the best because they help retain moisture and are not as harsh on the skin.

One of my favourite products made by Jules of the Earth is her lovely soaps. Her glycerine soaps were one of her first products and they have grown over the past few years, coming in many wonderful fragrances as well as unscented. My favourites are her Sandalwood soap and Gardener’s soap with Gardeners Balm.

Now there is a new one to add to her collection of wonderful soaps, Mechanics soap. It’s made with ingredients that help cut through tough grease without drying out your hands. Don’t let the name fool you, its not just for mechanics! You can use this wonderful soap for cleaning your hands after any dirty greasy job, and it can even be used in the kitchen. It’s a great gift idea for the men in our lives who are always tackling that messy greasy work.

Mechanics soap is made with pumice, which exfoliates and removes even the most stubborn dirt and grease, Orange Peel and Orange essential oil, which also works to cut through grease without stripping your skins natural oils. Add some after care with Jules of the Earth Hand Cream to pamper those hands that work so hard!


New Packaging

Jules of the Earth’s soaps now have new, environmentally friendly packaging that looks rather nice too! They are made from eco-friendly cardboard, so you not only get a wonderfully all natural soap, but you can lower your carbon footprint and help the environment too!

If you deal with greasy jobs a lot, this soap is definitely one to try, along with Jules of the Earth’s full soap range for all hand types.  You can find Mechanics soap under her Holistic Range and her other soaps under her Core Range.

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