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Rosey’s Story

In 1999 Rosey came to live with Jules, she was 10 months old. She was welcomed as part of the family, but something didn’t seem right. Jules was certain that Rosey was in pain when walking. She put all her weight on her front paws when walking.

At 18 months Rosey was diagnosed with severe arthritis, probably caused by poor nutrition when she was very young. The vet advised that she was put to sleep as this was the worst case he had ever seen.

Jules took the time to think about what to do next as she already loved Rosey and felt that she was a huge part of the family. The vet started treatment of 9 steroid tablet per day.

Jules came home and immediately hit the books, looking for possible treatments and came across the use of a magnetic collar in the treatment of arthritis as well as Devil’s Claw.

Within weeks Jules could see an improvement in Rosey’s walking, she was walking on all four paws and putting weight on her back legs.

Having been told by the specialist vet that the effect of the collar was only psychosomatic, Jules decided that the best course of action was to get a second opinion. After discussing options with her original vet, it was decided that Rosey did not need to be on the steroids any longer and she was weaned of over the following year.

Over this time Jules noticed that Rosey would help herself to vegetables from the garden. She would discard the root and the head and eat only the stalk, it did not take Jules long to realise that she was self-medicating. Again Jules hit the books and discovered that cauliflower and broccoli contain MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) which is natural source of pain relief.

As well as using vegetables to self-medicate, Rosey loved to bash the lavender plants in the garden and then she would stand back and enjoy the aroma. Rosey’s reaction to herbs and essential oils led Jules to research their uses and Jules often says that Rosey started her off on the path to Jules of the Earth.

For years after Jules was advised to have Rosey put to sleep, alternative medicines had allowed her to live a normal, healthy life. She ran and she jumped and she played and was fitter and healthier than a lot of dogs half her age!

Sadly Rosey passed away in 2012. Jules created Rosey’s Range in her memory.

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