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 Hi Jules, I AM very excited about the new anti-wrinkle eyecream. It's very good I really like it. Absorbed quickly and no itching or rash ( pretty common for me) best of all it actually has softened the wrinkles a lot. Big big thank you is there anything else I can test?

 It's not just that product. I've just had a call from a relative who is really suffering badly with painful, dry skin. She is so pleased with the creams you sent her and very very pleased with the no itch shampoo, huge relief for her to be able to wash her hair. Thanks once again Jules - your stuff has worked better than all the prescriptions! xx

Tracy Smith February 25th, 2017

I bought Jules' anti wrinkle cream from the Platinum range recently. I'm 41 and over the past few years the skin on my face has become blotchy and quite leathery to the touch is the only way to describe it. I have very sensitive skin so have to be careful but have tried just about everything on the market within my budget to try and improve it. I'm stunned that just 3 days of using your cream, my blotches have nearly gone, my skin's losing the leathery feel and the amount of skin foundation that i need to balance my skin tone is down to a couple of dabs. What is in this cream! I so wish I'd taken a before photo to show you the difference! I'll be recommending you to everyone! Xx

Nichola Foster February 13th, 2017

 Wow I just want to say how happy I am to have found this range  I have a lot of problems with dry and sensitive skin and eczema and after recently having an allergy patch test I came back from the dermatology clinic with four pages of what I must avoid. It's difficult to find products that I can use! Your products are really kind on my skin and I don't have any reactions! My favourite product is the Core range Hand Cream. I actually started using this on my face when I ran out of face cream and it is amazing. My skin feels really smooth and I have actually had comments from people on how well my skin is looking. I have had really severe debilitating eczema on my hands a few months ago and one of the culprits for this allergy was a well known brand of shampoo and conditioner. I've started using Jules of the Earth shampoo and daily conditioner and my hands have been fine!  i have just purchased the weekly conditioner but not yet used it. also no problems using the soaps and shower gel! Treat myself to the 'Switch me off' bubble bath, it smells great and was just what I needed to relax on a particularly cold day in between school runs and housework 

Esther Louisa Maranian‎ January 13th, 2017


 Thank you to Jules at Jules Of The Earth for my Soothing Gel, Cedarwood & Lime Shower Smoothie Body Scrub and Dan's Seashore Gardeners Goats Milk Soap (not soup lol). Don't know what I would do with my miracle cream from Jules Of The Earth :) Almost instant pain relief for my joints :)

Rachel Hornyak 2016

I just came out of the bath and used the shampoo and conditioner you sent me...lovely! I like that I only had to use one application of shampoo and it made my hair feel squeaky clean but not dried out! Conditioner is great! My hair is dry now and it doesn't have that heavy feel you sometimes get using conditioners.

I tried your shampoo - really creamy and luxurious. Your conditioner was easy to apply and left my hair feeling really soft and easy to brush. I like the containers as well. Easy to use.

Janice Thompson

 A shout out from moi for Jules' wonderful sandalwood and goats milk soap! I have really problem skin and this has cleared it up a treat. I've tried mega expensive brands such as Clinique and Body Shop and this has worked quicker and more effectively than both of them. And it's natural. Bonus green points! Thanks Jules xxx

Helen Lilga

I had to stop by and rave about your products some more Jules. Bryn loves the shaving foam you made for him. The herbal spice soap...used it for my bath last night and I kid you not, I needed no moisturizer when I toweled off! Normal soaps always leave my skin feeling dry and tight and not very nice, but not yours! And having used other handmade soaps in the past and not being really impressed by them, this one amazed me so much that it's all I am going to use now. So you have converted me lol.

The two roller ball essential oils you sent for fatigue and headache:  I used the fatigue in the morning and for a little pick me up when I feel a bit tired.  Works a treat.  Haven't had a headache yet to try the other one on.  I think just the presence of your roller ball scared them away lol.

Oh did I tell you how brilliant the face cream is?? Been using it for 2 months now and my skin looks healthier, brighter, and smoother.  I haven't had any of that "sandpaper" dry feel I used to get so much!  What really got me is that I was using one of the more expensive "anti-aging" creams and it did not do half of what your face cream does for me.   

Sherry MacBeth,Earth Spirit Tarot

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products, the face cream is amazing and is the best I have ever had, Ian's excema cream works better than anything he has tried before and we both love the goats milk soap... I gave him the shower gel yesterday for his birthday and he has yet to use it but I'm sure it will be as good as your other products. 

I've been telling everyone how wonderful Jules of the earth is, I will no doubt see you again when we need more

Sarah Walker 

Hey Jules - been using your products for a week or so now and am sooo impressed with them :) Love my yummy pear-drop lip balm and it also works so well.

The other products leave your skin so soft and smooth and are such a good price. Love them all :) xxx

Maggie Noskeau http://www.nottinghamcounsellor.co.uk/

I thought the "enchantment" shower gel smelled good, but OH MY GOD the "black fig & sultana" is amazing !!!!! I can't stop sniffing my arms.xx

Joanne Walker

 More raves for Jules's products.  I recently tried the Body Souffle and was so amazed with the results!  I get dry, ashy, flaky skin during the winter and have used some of the top brands mositurizing creams.  I found I had to apply these several times a day.  But with Jule's Body Souffle I apply it in the morning and it lasts all day.  I apply a bit more at night and I don't wake up with dry skin!  It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft.  I love it!

Her Lip Balm is also wonderful. Have you ever noticed that some lip balms seem to have some chemical in them that irritates your throat?? Seriously, I am either allergic or strange but most lip balms irritate my throat enough to start me coughing and they need to be applied far too often it seems. Not Jules's!! Her lip balm really softens and sooths your lips, you don't have to keep re-applying, and there is nothing in them that irritates my throat like other top brands. Kudos for another great product Jules! xx 

And today I tried Jules special Gardener's Soap with pumice in it.  Normally after I have been gardening I have to scrub away to get the ground in dirt off and after I dry them my hands just feel so dry and look red.  Not with Jule's soap!  Not only does this soap get your hands really clean without having to scrub them raw, it also leaves them feeling really soft!  And that is before applying her hand cream (which I should add is another wonderful product) 

Sherry MacBeth - earthspirittarot.com


"I have been loving using Julies hand cream, body scrub and shower gel - great products at amazing prices!! The Enchantment is my favourite fragrance! -

Lesley Wadforth- http://healthinharmony.me.uk/

Just wanted to thank you for your lemon and peppermint foot cream. It’s a new experience for me to walk about with feet that feel so soft;  I am on my feet a lot so it’s good to find a product that keeps them feeling fresh – thanks Julie!
regards,  Marilyn Fowler

***Follow up- It’s a few weeks since I gave feedback on my footcream purchase and my  neglected size eight feet look and feel better than they ever have done – no hard or cracked skin and the best silky feeling which prevents them from rubbing and aching – thanks very much!  I’ve since sampled the goats milk soap and decided I’m ditching the supermarket brands – there’s no comparison  Thanks again Jules.

Jules really knows what she is doing and makes some great products.  She created a special gel for my bad knees and within a day of using it I had less pain which was awesome.  I have also tried her bubble bath, which left my skin feeling really soft afterwards, and her hand cream which has a nice mousse like consistency and absorbs well.  It smells great too!  If you haven't tried her products yet I would definitely recommend that you do!

Sherry MacBeth - [email protected]


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