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Julie Brocklesby (MIFR) has had an interest in vitamins and minerals since she was a child. It started when her mother would give her a Vitamin C tablet every day throughout autumn and winter. When she asked why she was told that it was to prevent her becoming ill in during the colder months. It took a while for Jules to understand this completely, but she knew right away that she almost never brought home a cold.

In her late teens Jules started working at a boarding kennels and it was whilst she was here that she experienced exactly what homeopathy could do. After an accident where a golden retriever pulled hard on its lead; resulting in Jules’ wrist becoming trapped in a wrought iron gate, her manager gave her an aconite pill for shock and then ten minutes later she took an arnica tablet. Within minutes the pain was gone and the swelling went down and no bruising appeared. This convinced Jules.

Whilst working at the kennels, Jules developed an interest in reflexology and other alternative treatments. She researched a variety of different therapies and the more she learned the more she wanted to learn. Jules was well and truly hooked and, although she did not yet know it, she had started down the path towards Jules of the Earth.

Jules gained an RSH in both Nutrition and Food & Health at Hull College. This is where she began to understand the importance of the Vitamin C tablets her mum had given her as a child. Far from sating her appetite it made her hungry to learn more. So in 1999 Jules decided to train to become a reflexologist and a few years later she was attuned to be a Reiki healer.

1999 was also the year that Jules bought her first house which had a very large garden. She made the most of this by growing her own fruit, vegetables and herbs. Rosey, Jules’ dog, loved being in the garden and was particularly fond of the lavender that Jules was growing. Jules would often sit and watch Rosey as she pawed the lavender plant and then sit back and take in the aroma. Rosey would also help herself to certain vegetables that were growing in the garden, but she would only ever eat the stalk. Before long Jules realised that Rosey was self-medicating for her arthritis, which she had been told was extremely severe.

Again, Jules got the books out and started researching the uses of different herbs and she became passionate about the benefits that they offered. She started practicing companion planting. She would also plant marigolds in the boarders around her vegetables and to help ward off pests. Jules also started to make herbal tinctures for her friends and family as well as herself.

In 2011 Jules launched Jules of the Earth and started with just a handful of products including lip balm and body butter. She had been making these products for her friends and family for a while and used everything she had studied to ensure that her products were natural and of a very high quality. She worked tirelessly creating new recipes and selling her products at craft fairs as well as through mail order.

Jules’ love of animals as led her to believe that cosmetic products and, their ingredients, should never be tested on them. She is so committed to this philosophy that, before asking friends and family to test them for her, she tests each and every product on herself.

Jules feels strongly that the world needs to return to the natural remedies of old and that too many people are forced to rely on prescription drugs that can cause so many more problems for the patient. She often finds herself astounded by the number of tablets that some of her clients are taking and wants to be able to help with a natural alternative. This is why in 2014 Jules started a degree in Herbal Medicine BSc (Hons). She is learning about how herbs can help people and taking her passion to the next step.

Jules feels strongly that her degree will help her to help others and this is something that she genuinely wants to do.

Jules is due to graduate in 2017.

Bath & Beauty

Jules is a member of the European Directory of Soap & Cosmetics Makers

Member of the European Directory of Soap and Cosmetics Makers

Jules is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and a member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists


Jules is a member of the International Federation Of Reflexology


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